[PlanetCCRMA] Getting 'Line-In' signal, but can not record with any app

Paul Kubicz vatican2003@comcast.net
Thu Nov 6 16:37:12 2003


I've got a *fresh* PlanetCCRMA install with updates. I'm trying to bring 
some old material (tapes, etc) through the line-in jack on my CS46xx (TB 
Santa Cruz). A simple 2-channel, line-level recording job.

I've used alsamixer to unmute line-in, can hear the signal through my 
main speakers, but none of the programs that have the ability to capture 
are doing it. E.g. snd's VU meters don't move, and audacity gives me a 

(Thinking out loud: Is it possible that the line-in signal is being 
piped directly to line-out w/out hitting the ADC/DAC's, or are all the 
DACs connected directly to the dsp system?)

Any suggestions, including which config settings to post, are appreciated!