[PlanetCCRMA] A few Hydrogen misfires

Tracey Hytry shakti@bayarea.net
Wed May 28 16:17:01 2003

Hi everyone.

A few things I ran into with the hydrogen program:

I installed the planet's RPM on a machine before removing the libhydrogen and hydrogen 0.7.6 version that I had compiled earlier --  big whoops.

After un-installing the RPM of 0.8.0 and going back to the compilation directories of libhydrogen and hydrogen, I did a "make uninstall" which got rid of most of the old files.  I still found a few odds and ends around, like my env had a pointer to 0.7.6  Cleaned that up too and reinstalled the 0.8.0 RPM.

Next problem:

Hydrogen wouldn't start, and just sat there on the splash screen until I manually killed it.  I ended up editing the config file in my home directory to get it to work.  This consisted of:

   <restoreLastSong>true</restoreLastSong>  changed to false

and I also changed 

   <audio_driver>Oss</audio_driver> to Jack

since I tend to have jack running.

Everything seemed to be working fine until I decided to bring up "Jack Patch Bay".

The one little problem I still have is that if Jack Patch Bay is running before starting hydrogen,  hydrogen likes to give this error:

   Jack Driver cannot connect output port alsa-pcm:playback_2

and shuts down sound output.

This can be gotten around by by restarting hydrogen or starting hydrogen before the patch bay.

Anyway, thanks for packaging up the newest version of Hydrogen.  I like the RPMs, as there are multiple machines around here.


P.S.  This was on a red hat 7.3 machine.