[PlanetCCRMA] libstdc++.so.5 on RH7.3?

kevin ernste kevine@esm.rochester.edu
Tue Jul 29 15:04:02 2003

Hi Mark -

> > The idea being that "all digital" cards like these should not
> have/need
> > volume controls.  They should simply pass 1's and 0's to/from
> external
> > hardware.
> Sure, I can see that part of it, but I think that this fact has led
> to one
> bad design choice in terms of Alsa's architecture. Since Alsa is
> 'bits in
> become bits out, and since the card has no way to manage a channel's
> volume,
> if you hook a Hammerfall up to a high end D/A and then a high power
> power
> amp, you get high volume responses at times you cannot control. (Boot
> time,
> with certain applications that do not control volume, or do it
> incorrectly,

Right, and what about volumes from the command line? 

On a machine I admin with a Delta 1010 the solution was a bass
management box (basically a big volume knob with some signal flow
control) on the end of the chain.  It is necessary final buffer to the
speakers, especially since the master volume controls don't want to
appear in the envy24control mixer for the 1010, but's that's a separate
problem.  Obviously, a good clean analog mixer will also do the job
(and its _much_ cheaper).

Ever heard 4 nearfield monitors pump out 24 bit "jetengine.quad_1.wav"
at maxamp (+4db) :((

> it, choose and OS, and start using it. In my case, this card is in a
> GigaStudio application under Windows and works very well with that
> app.

Out of curiousity, is there actually a levels mixer for the Hammerfall
in Windows?  If I remember right, all you get for the Hammerfall is a
control panel for clock, buffers, etc.  Aren't you controlling volume
in Gigastudio or Nuendo or whatever anyway?

> As I say, with the 3 cards I own, the Hammerfall doesn't have a
> mixer, the
> Audigy has a mixer, but apparently alsamixer doesn't really cause it
> to mix
> or it wasn't obvious to me where the mix was going, and the HDSP 9652
> has a
> mixer which doesn't work.

Do you have two machines/OS's here (Linux/Hammerfall lite,
Windows/HDSP)?  Then why not swap cards and let Windows/HDSP and
TotalMix control the levels for both systems from Windows (where it
does work...though I am VERY excited to test the recent "hdspmixer"
release for Linux!!)?

- Linux/9636 box: ADATs (plus S/PDIF?) into the HDSP 9652/Windows box
- HDSP into monitors/amp, ext. hardware, etc
- TotalMix controls routing in and out of both boxen and to and from
external gear, etc.

I did this for a while with a Mulitface.  I even ran the Windows box
_headless_ and just used tightVCN to control TotalMix "remotely"...plus
the few apps I still used.  It didn't matter since the two machines
were talking to one another in audio data via the HDSP/Hammerfall.

This is exactly the kind of situation where an "all-digital" card is
great.  You can get audio data in and out of the machine without signal

Just a thought.

> > I think there are still discussions of this in the linux-audio-user
> > archive (circa 2000/1 ??) if you have an interest...but it's
> probably
> > just me discussing my most recent cranial injury after banging my
> head
> > on the desk trying to get the thing working!
> I think I found a few of those as I was looking at this in the last
> day or
> two. No need to relive such occurrences!

I guess I'm a glutton for punishment, I'm still thinking about a
multiface for my home system (pending cash).  My hesitance is this: 
the memory of the extreme inner joy I felt the day my Hammerfall card
sold for good on eBay ;->


"I should prefer this note not be read or, if skimmed, that it should be forgotten." - Mallarme

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