[PlanetCCRMA] libstdc++.so.5 on RH7.3?

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Tue Jul 29 15:26:02 2003

> Right, and what about volumes from the command line?

I take this as a sarcastic agreement, right? Sure, there's the command line
when you remember and when the app works. Not all of them do. One big
advantage of the Linux world is that when they don't work and you point it
out, they get fixed fast though.

> Ever heard 4 nearfield monitors pump out 24 bit "jetengine.quad_1.wav"
> at maxamp (+4db) :((

Unfortunately yes... ;-(

> Out of curiousity, is there actually a levels mixer for the Hammerfall
> in Windows?  If I remember right, all you get for the Hammerfall is a
> control panel for clock, buffers, etc.

No, there isn't, but under Windows I never hear a peep out of that hardware
when it's not supposed to. That aspect of the Windows drivers is much better
than any of the Alsa drivers I've used.

> Aren't you controlling volume in GigaStudio or Nuendo or whatever anyway?

Absolutely, and since I work mostly in Pro Tools, I take an ADAT line from
the GigaStudio box to the Pro Tools cards and this whole conversation is
moot in my case. The Pro Tools hardware works pretty well on power up/power
down, but it's not perfect, so in that case I leave my amps off when
booting, but once the system is up I never get any of these huge volumes I
get from Alsa drivers and apps. Pro Tools starts perfectly quiet and never
makes a noise when starting or closing a session, or when hitting the
transport. I cannot say as much for Ardour or Rosegarden, but it's been
months since I even touched them.

The HDSP 9652 did make a bit of noise at boot time, but RME fixed the
drivers and it became good too. I pointed this out to Thomas a while ago and
he managed to quiet the HDSP 9652 down, for a while, but it's back right

> Do you have two machines/OS's here (Linux/Hammerfall lite,
> Windows/HDSP)?  Then why not swap cards and let Windows/HDSP and
> TotalMix control the levels for both systems from Windows (where it
> does work...though I am VERY excited to test the recent "hdspmixer"
> release for Linux!!)?

hdspmixer is pretty cool. You'll like it. Pretty much an exact clone
visually of TotalMix. I cannot test it's functionality yet...

Actually, I have 3 machines and O/S's:

1) Windows XP running Pro Tools with Pro Tools hardware
2) Gentoo Linux running the HDSP 9652 - 3 ADAT ports + spdif
3) A dual-boot box with the Hammerfall Light (Win ME/GigaStudio or Redhat
9.0/Linux soft synths)

The idea is when I'm in Pro Tools machines 2 & 3 are the slaves. I wanted to
use machine #2 as an outboard processor for Pro Tools, doing reverb,
freqtweak and all that stuff, and use #3 as GigaStudio only.

The next idea was when I'm in Linux, machines 1 & 3 are slaves. Has to be
the HDSP 9652 in #2 or I don't have the right mix of ports for all of my
machines. I wanted to use machine 1 with Windows soft synths like
Atmospheres and AbSynth, and then use #3 still with GigaStudio. In Linux the
soft apps/synths can probably work on machine #2, or I can boot #3 into
Linux when not using GigaStudio if I have problems.

It all works, except the damn Alsa driver for the HDSP 9652 has never worked
well enough for me to do the Linux Master configuration. I bought the thing
in December and now it's the end of the summer!!

Thomas is really working hard now and I think things will be better in the
next month, but currently the only thing that's stable is one mono signal
going out on all channels at the same time as per the aplay model. Stereo
crashes the machine hard 70% of the time.

> This is exactly the kind of situation where an "all-digital" card is
> great.  You can get audio data in and out of the machine without signal
> loss.
> Just a thought.

And a good though, and very much like what I want to do, but it depends on
the HDSP 9652 driver working. The Hammerfall Light doesn't have enough ports
to hook all my stuff up!