[PlanetCCRMA] burning cds

Alex Timmer mijn_troep@yahoo.com
Sun Jan 26 15:16:01 2003

hello Julien,

for sure it is possible to burn the cd's in Windows and then use them
for Linux... i did it myself too  ;-)

i can only advice you to check the settings of the program you use to
burn the cd's. i used "WinOnCD - CeQuadrat" and first it produced
crappy cd's for me until i found out that i had to rename my *.iso
image files to *.raw in order for "WinOnCD - CeQuadrat" to accept it
as a proper cd image!!  you have to choose that you want to burn a cd
from an image file as well. i always burn at low speeds [i'm not in a

lastly as i have never used Nero i can only advice you to some links
i found about burning cd's from ISO images [google]:





they contain information about Nero and other common programs. hope
this helps. happy burning!

 --- youyou <julien.cochennec@wanadoo.fr> wrote: > hi, i'm a new
member, and i'm a "new born" in linux world, i've
> installed red hat 8, it works, but i'm trying to install red
> planet, i only have internet with windows, so i've downloaded the
> iso images, i've tried to burn cds with Nero burning rom, under win
> 98se, but it doesn't work, could you help me? 
> i'm looking for a way to make linux readable and bootable cds for
> red planet and red hat update from windows platform. thanks.

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