[PlanetCCRMA] xruns

Ryan Gallagher ryanpg@yahoo.com
Wed Jan 22 15:23:01 2003


Not to belabor the point but I'm typing this message
to you now while running 24 tracks jackd/ardour -p 96
-n 3 -r 48000 with Fernando's latest alsa driver
package and not a single xrun (yet.. I'll need to do
some more testing with some disk usage).

That's in the range of about 6 ms latency TWENTY-FOUR
TRACKS while mozilla is up and running.  You guys are
freaking amazing.  Yes there are frustrations along
the way, but I now have a sweet DAW, great sound, some
real bragging rights and a convincing argument for my
"pro-t****" brethren to take a look at linux.

Once I figure out what I'm doing wrong when compiling
Paul's latest CVS, I'll be in DAW heaven. ;-)



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