[PlanetCCRMA] alsa-driver problem

Emiliano Grilli Emiliano Grilli <emillo@libero.it>
Mon Jan 20 00:57:01 2003

> Yes, version 43 (from cvs) is much newer and, for example, works much
> better with usb audio cards. Apparently it does not work in your case.
> I'll release a newer version next week (I'm having problems compiling
> current cvs on smp machines), which may have this issue solved. Till
> then you could "downgrade" to -36 if it works for you. 

  Yes, I did this and now ardour works beautyfully... I hope that in the
  next release the problem will be fixed (I don't understand: it's only
  a cmipci problem or is more generalized?).

  Thank you again and let me express all my appreciation for your work:
  I found PlanetCCRMA one of the best solutions for Linux audio & music.

  Best Regards,
  | Emiliano Grilli     |
  | emillo@libero.it    |
  | Linux user #209089  |