[PlanetCCRMA] Anyone else getting this?

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat Jan 18 23:59:01 2003

> [Update]
> >     WELL: here's something new: Licq, which I just manually added, was 
> > upgraded. A further upgrade STILL tells me gtk is kept back, so I'll
> > ask for it manually.
> > 
> >     DAMN:
> >     gtk2: Depends: libXrandr.so.2 but it is not installable
> > 
> >     Maybe I'll have to yank it...or install it --nodeps?
>     OK, I yanked out gtk2/gtk2-devel, then edited the sources file so that 
>     www-ccrma.stanford.edu  is the only repository available.

Ok! NOW we're talking! At the beginning of the thread I think I asked
about other repositories. As I did not hear anything about that I
assumed Planet CCRMA was the only one. _That's_ where the extra gtk2 is
coming from! The other repository is not complete and is missing a
package that would satisfy the missing dependency. I'd suggest
contacting its mantainer (or it could also be that you do not have a
complete list of urls for the other repository). 

>  So I should have less things to upgrade, right? 

Not necesssarily, it depends on the interplay of dependencies between
the repositories. 

> Nope:
> The following packages will be upgraded
>   fftw flac libdv libmad mpg321 wxGTK

They probably could not be upgraded before because of conflicts with the
other repositories (just a guess). 

> The following packages have been kept back
>   flac-xmms

As for this one you probably have a newer or incompatible version of
xmms than the one I have at Planet CCRMA, so that flac-xmms (which comes
from Planet CCRMA) cannot be installed and thus is kept back. 

> Then I installed the 'gospel' Redhat 8 stock gtk2/gtk2-devel and tried an
> upgrade again: it doesn't know there's a new version of gtk2, though
> it has some lil' problem with flac-xmms: Depends: libid3-3.8.so.0
> I'm not worried about IT, but where did I get the upgraded gtk2?  Did you 
> get a new version?  I'm not too worried about it, unless you have it,
> and I don't.

The upgrade (or attempt to upgrade) came from the other repository or
repositories. None of the Planet CCRMA rpms need it (otherwise it would
be part of Planet CCRMA!). Every time I add a package I also add all its

>     Here's my sources.list file, still edited-out for 'Planet' only:

I see, if you are really curious enable them one at a time and you will
find where the newer gtk2 was coming from. That would be the respository
that is incomplete. 

-- Fernando