[PlanetCCRMA] kernel config file - building only 1394 drivers

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Tue Jan 7 08:14:02 2003

> >
> > Heck, all of Linux has a vested interest in making this easier.
> Yes, especailly us audio people, 1394 is great for realtime audio.
> - Steve

I've been trying to drum up a little interest for making a 1394 based
'virtual audio card'. My idea is that I could have an Alsa driver on one PC
that appears to be an audio card to that PC, but all it really does is
transmit the digital audio over the 1394 bus to another PC with the same
card and driver.

On the receiving PC you'd then like to insert the received audio into that
machines jack processes and be able to use it.

So far, no programmers seem up for it, but I certainly like the idea. You
could then run Alsa and Jack apps on a PC with no sound card (less
expensive) and build a network of machines working together. Also an easy
way to get laptops into the picture.

As I said, so far no takes, but I like the idea!