[PlanetCCRMA] kernel config file - building only 1394 drivers

Steve Harris S.W.Harris@ecs.soton.ac.uk
Tue Jan 7 07:41:01 2003

On Tue, Jan 07, 2003 at 07:03:03 -0800, Mark Knecht wrote:
> Actually, one of the 1394 developers says he thinks he has an idea how to do
> this and wants me to get the configuration file for our kernel. That's where
> this thread started. If I take you instructions for building a kernel rpm,
> download everything, and get the kernel config file, then maybe his idea
> will get this done for us. After all, they have a vested interest in making
> it easier to put in new 1394 drivers.
> Heck, all of Linux has a vested interest in making this easier.

Yes, especailly us audio people, 1394 is great for realtime audio.

- Steve