[PlanetCCRMA] updated: sweep, spiralsynthmodular

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Mon Jan 6 13:29:01 2003

   Some things for you to consider:

1) There is a new, fairly major release for Rosegarden that includes many
new features and many bug fixes. You might want to do a new RPM one of these
days. I'm using Rosegarden every day now. It's pretty darn stable and the
development team is very interactive.

2) There is a new release of amSynth that has jack support. Unfortunately,
building it is beyond me as it requires a gtk-- library that I can't find an
RPM for and have no interest in trying to deal with myself. I think this is
one of the main issues that first stopped me from building freqtweak. Since
you and I are both interested in jackified soft synths, this is another one
to play with. I've used the non-jack version. I thought is sounded good, and
I love the interface - a clone of a small Nord Lead 3. ;-)

   Thanks again for all your great work!


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> * Sweep is now up to version 0.5.13, it now uses Secret Rabbit Code for
>   sample rate conversions.
> * Spiral Synth Modular has been updated to 0.2.0-1. This release has
> good support for jack built-in but is missing some of the unit
> generators of version 0.1. Too bad. If you use it as a Jack client you
> will need to change the buffer size in the preferences panel to match
> the buffer size you are using in Jack, ssm does not seem to do that
> automatically (I also had to patch it to include the Jack plugin in the
> list of available plugins). That name of the package and the executable
> has changed to "spiralsynthmodular" (all lower case).
> -- Fernando
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