[PlanetCCRMA] new module help

Lucio Ribeiro Gomes luciorgomes@uol.com.br
Tue Feb 25 18:38:01 2003

>> >I think the reason it fails is because Fernando used gcc 2.96 to
>>build the 
>> >kernels and the gcc3 in RH8 is incompatible in some way (I had this 
>> >problem with the NVidia modules too - the drivers need to be hacked 
>> >slightly to get suspend to work). 
>> Does anyone knows if its possible to build the Nvidia drivers 
>> with the gcc-compat-2.96 instead of the default gcc-3.2 in RH 
>> 8.0 to make it match with Planet CCRMA kernel? 
>It should be possible but I have not tried... I guess it depends on 
>whether you can tell the NVIDIA build process to use a different 
>compiler than the default. 
>-- Fernando 

I think I've got the way to do it. Setting the system to use "compat"
version with the command "export CC=/usr/bin/gcc296" I build the driver
and loaded it with no errors. Maybe it can work for the compilation of
the prism2 too...