[PlanetCCRMA] Cannot install latest Muse (package conflict) or record audio

Crispin cc26@ohm.york.ac.uk
Sun Dec 21 05:03:01 2003


I'm afraid this is probably a newbie question - I'm not used to package
management! - hopefully the answer is simple though?

I've been using the PlanetCCRMA tools for the first time recently, and
am halfway through a nice composition using Muse.  I would like to
install the recent new release.

But according to rpm, "muse 0.6.2-1 needs libladcca.so.2".  Installing
the latest ladcca (0.4.0-1) causes apt-get to remove fluidsynth,
alsa-patch-bay etc.

Reinstalling fluidsynth gives the error "fluidsynth needs
libladcca.so.1".  Using the latest version of fluidsynth doesn't help.

How can I have both fluidsynth and the latest muse?

PS silly Muse question:  how can one record audio?  I can see the audio
input on the VU meter in the mixer if the "pre" button is clicked.  I
turn up the slider.  I set the destination of that column to be the
track I wish to record to.  But the audio track's "input route" menu has
no options on it, and recording simply writes silence to the track.
What am I doing wrong?

many thanks in advance,