[PlanetCCRMA] wishlist (vorbis / galan / pd externals)

smoerk smoerk@gmx.de
Sun Dec 21 07:42:01 2003

hello fernando,

are you going to update the vorbis packages to 1.0.1?

i think there should be galan 0.3.0 beta1 in planet ccrma. it has jack 
support and is compatible to alsa 1.0 (this is straight from the 
website, i will test it later).

and i'm missing a package for the pd externals (from the pure-data cvs).

of course this are only wishes, i know you are always busy... :-)

btw, i made a apt-get dist-upgrade from redhat9 to fedora 1. although i 
didn't expect that i have working system after this, i happily writing 
this email from the upgraded installation. i couldn't spot any problems, 
but i have to say it's not heavily customized and i don't use it very 
much. i guess this is not the recommended way to do an update, but it 
shows that fedora could compete with debian in upgradability (but not if 
you count packages...).