[PlanetCCRMA] meterbridge shorthand?

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Fri Aug 8 06:28:01 2003

> not execatly elegant though. I could probably implement
> meterbridge -t dpm 'alsa_pcm:capture_*' quite easily though.
> - Steve

   I was thinking this morning that an alternative might allow a user to
choose a range or specific numbers:

meterbridge -t dpm 'alsa_pcm:capture_1-8'


meterbridge -t dpm 'alsa_pcm:capture_1,2,3,4,9,10,11,12'

   The thing I'm concerned about is very large numbers of IOs making the
instance too large to use, or in the past, so large it crashes. Also, since
I usually group the use of IOs strategically (1-8 - GigaStudio, 9-16 - Pro
Tools, etc.) it would be nice to have those in separate 8 dpm instances that
I could maximize/minimize as I needed them.

   Anyway, just a few more thoughts.