[PlanetCCRMA] I removed one too many things!

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Fri Aug 8 06:58:01 2003

   I have a old RH8 test machine here in my office that I use for first
installs of new software so that I won't hose up my important machines. This
box ran out of disk space yesterday, so using synaptic I started 'cleaning
up'. Looks like I went a bit far. Now KDE won't start. ;-)

   I could rebuild the machine in RH9, and that would be no big deal, but I
thought I'd at least scope out how to fix the current machine.

   apt-get still runs from the command line, and I seem to have Internet
access as 'apt-get update', so presumably I could do installs from a console
and run again. I tried some simple stuff, like 'apt-get install kde' but
just came up with kde not being a package.

   Where is the file on my machine that shows the list of packages in
Fernando's database? I presume I can read this with vi or cat?