[PlanetCCRMA] acpi=off rescue!

Sampo Savolainen v2@iki.fi
Fri Aug 8 02:51:01 2003

I just got a new computer and at last I had a good reason to install
Redhat so I could try out the ccrma packages. But after I installed the
planetccrma-core I ran into trouble. When I booted the acpi enalbed
kernel, my system hanged totally (no sysrq, no response to keyboard etc)
after "Configuring kernel parameters" at startup. I got an [OK] and a
newline, but the it just hanged. planetccrma-core-redhat works fine.

I'm running on a newly installed RH9 from RH CD:s (not the CCRMA ones)
on a Shuttle Spacewalker SB51G with no AGP card, no PCI card, just the
on board chips + M-audio quattro on USB.

After a few days I was looking for posts about it on this list when I
noticed the acpi=off flag. That works great and now I have a kick-ass

My request is that you would document the acpi=off kernel parameter a
little better in the section "Installing the kernel and sound drivers".
Your documentation is fantastic, but I think that this problem might be
a bit more widespread than a laptop (acpi=off is mentioned in the small
section 'Note for laptop users...') and my computer. It would be better
if the documentation would suggest the acpi=off parameter as a way of
making the ccrma kernel work for you and then as a last resort, offer
the 'redhat' -version of the core.

  Just a thought.