[PlanetCCRMA] DSDT via initrd for ACPI enabled kernel

rodrigo derteano rodrigo.derteano_patow@hgkz.net
Fri Aug 1 08:10:03 2003


I'm rather new in linux, and I'm trying to get the latest ccrma kernels
to run on my Dell Inspiron 8500. I could just use the redhat kernel, but
ACPI would be missing. The ccrma kernel hangs when it comes to init run
level 3 on boot, just after the firewire controler check.(perhaps some
other problem that has nothing to do with acpi)
The fact that some laptops don't get the fan working with ACPI, or that
ACPI generally doesn't work, could be, because of broken DSDTs. I don't
really know what I'm talking about, but there's a way to load a custom
DSDT.aml through the initrd, as explained here:


The patch included in this website, has to be added to the kernel to do
this. Then you pick the right dsdt file for your computer, that can be
found here:


and follow the instructions in the first page.

Can anybody tell me if this makes sense? I can't patch a kernel jet, so
I would like to know if its worth learning it right now. I,d like to
know if it would work.