[PlanetCCRMA] updated: repository for 9 status (finally online!)

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Apr 8 18:03:01 2003

Hi all... after some more rebuilding today... Planet CCRMA proudly
presents the experimental, highly unofficial, probably broken 9
repository :-) ;-) :-p


Here are the current differences of the 9 repository with the Planet
CCRMA 8.0 repository. There are packages missing, a few have been added
and a few have been updated to newer versions (but the change has not
been propagated to the 7.2/7.3/8.0 worlds yet). I'm listing the
sound/video related changes only...

Updated ams to version 1.5.8b
Updated avifile to version 0.7.34
Updated ceres3 to release 3 (fixed name of preferences file)
Updated jack to 0.67.2
Updated libjackasyn to 0.6
Updated libmpeg3 to 1.5.0
Updated mjpegtools to version 1.6.1
Updated smilutils to 0.2.0
Updated spiralsynthmodular to version 0.2.1 from cvs
Updated swh-plugins to version 0.4.0
Updated eawpats to version 12
Updated zynaddsubfx to version 1.2.1

Missing ecamegapedal
Missing filmgimp
Missing gdam
Missing gem
Missing mammut
Missing noteedit
Missing nyquist
Missing planetccrma*
Missing quicktime4linux (replaced by libquicktime for now)
Missing soundtracker

Added xvidcore

The planetccrma* packages (for easy installs) have not been created yet
so you'll have to install the old fashioned way for now. The online
documentation has not been updated either (the docs directly affect the
generation of the planetccrma* packages). 

Anyway, add this line to the /etc/apt/sources.list file (all one line):

rpm http://www-ccrma.stanford.edu/planetccrma/apt redhat/9/en/i386

(if you were illegally using the planetccrma 8.0 repository then
_replace_ that line)

Then the usual:
  apt-get update
  apt-get dist-upgrade

(I have updated apt and synaptic for a problem with dependencies I
mentioned here a few days ago). 

If you have been using the Planet CCRMA RedHat 8.0 repository with the
new 9 operating system (bad... :-) and you change the sources.list to
point to the 9 repository you may get error messages in apt when doing
an apt-get update. Most probably they will say you have a package with
different dependencies than the one in the repository. To fix that erase
those packages and reinstall them from the 9 repository. 

Feedback welcome...
-- Fernando