[PlanetCCRMA] DVD playback not fluent

Alex Timmer mijn_troep@yahoo.com
Wed Apr 9 04:45:02 2003

hi all,

i am so happy with my CCRMA at home, but i get no fluent playback of
DVD movies on my system. sadly enough, my hardware is fast enough to
make it work okay under windows... so i really would like to get it
working in linux!

last weekend i spend a few hours with planet 'karma'. RH73 plus the
ISO-CDROMS. very nice and easy indeed! 

so now i have a low latency kernel (enabled), alsa 0.9.x drivers etc
etc but i am probably missing some good accellerated nvidia driver
for my graphic card in order to watch the DVD?? i have no hardware

hmmm, RH73 recognizes my graphic card as follows:
Manufacturer: nVidia Corporation
Driver: Card:nvidia geforce2MX generic
(does this indicate that there is some hardware accelleration driver

it has more problems with my toshiba DVD-ROM (48*cd,16*dvd)
Manufacturer: unknown
Driver: ignore
device: /dev/hdc

there is only a /dev/cdrom and no /dev/dvd. i made a /dev/dvd symlink
to satisfy MPLAYER   :)

when i play a movie with MPLAYER, i get dropped frames as well as
what appears as 20x20 pixel checkerboard 'blocks' on the screen,
filled with very coarse imaging. its clearly not keeping up with
decoding or so. i tried playing around with the settings, but with no

cpu usage doesn't really exceed 50% during playback. 

my questions: 
* how do i know if the hardware accellerated driver for nVidia is
installed or not? (RH menu above seems to indicate yes, but i think

* can i do harm if i install the linux drivers from the nvidia
website with the ccrma ll kernel??

* does it make sense to try RH80 + CCRMA ??

* any other 'magic' things that i can try to improve DVD playback? i
tuned the /dev/hdc drive with hdparm, though it only gives me
1.40MB/sec, dma and the lot enabled. is that okay for a 16*DVD /

thanks alot, ALEX

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