[PlanetCCRMA] Up and running! and Ardour

Jeffrey Roach roach_jeffrey@yahoo.com
Sat Sep 14 18:27:01 2002

  I have successfully installed the audio kernel and
audio software.  Thank you for the step-by-step
instructions Fernando!
  I installed Ardour via CVS and all of its
dependencies.  I downloaded and de-compressed the
pixmaps into a pixmaps folder in ardour/
  ardour/ was originally in /root/ and was complaining
when run of having not been added to the path.  I
didn't know how to add it, so I moved it to the
location it was looking for it in
  I started the Jack server and then Ardour.  It
opened. . . : o )
  Here is where I am having a problem.  I see the mix
and edit windows.  When I try to create a new Session
it says it can not find /tape1/the_name_i_chose
  I created a folder in the ardour/ called tape1 and
tried again.  It still does not create a session.  I
can't import any audio until I do.
  Can anyone help with this?  
  I probably still have to read their beginner's
  Thank you.


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