[PlanetCCRMA] emi 2|6 usb performance

Ryan Gallagher ryanpg@yahoo.com
Sat Dec 28 13:23:01 2002

Hi all,

I've been searching for optimal settings that will rid
my life of xruns and latency on my emagic emi 2|6
equipped system.  I've had some success and some
failures.  I still get xruns out the wazoo however
which ain't good obviously.  Here's my

cat /proc/interrupts reveals that the usb hub and my
ethernet card are sharing irq 5 (this is a mainboard
issue that I have found no solution to).

  0:      10177          XT-PIC  timer
  1:         47          XT-PIC  keyboard
  2:          0          XT-PIC  cascade
  5:        369          XT-PIC  usb-uhci, eth0
  8:          1          XT-PIC  rtc

Could this little resource sharing arrangement
contribute to the above listed issues?  Anyone out
there use snd-usb-audio alsa drivers?  Share your



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