[PlanetCCRMA] HDSP 9652 patch - Failed Dependencies

Brian Fahrlander kilroy@kamakiriad.com
Mon Dec 9 20:51:01 2002

On 09 Dec 2002 18:47:37 -0800, Mark Knecht <markknecht@attbi.com> wrote:

> Steve,
>    I completely agree and use both ext3 and reiserfs on other systems.
> This is a new system and I just hadn't gotten around to converting ext2
> to ext3 yet. No time like the present...
>    However, I think that just helps me after the pushing of the reset
> button. I'd sure like to figure out why I have to push the reset button
> in the first place!

    I'll tellya why: Crappy hardware that looked good at the time.  I have an ASUS A7V (1200 mHz) with an SBLive in slot 4-or-5. This turns out to be a bad configuration, but right now I can't change it.  It's even bad under Windows (so I'm told by ASUS).  The durned thing has 'pauses'.  Anytime there's a certain kind of disk access, wether it's playing sound or anything else...and it pauses for almost two seconds.

    ...really annoying while trying to bash badguys in UT/UT 2003...

    And sometimes, like when starting the TV capture card, it always kicks me out, but works fine on the second login.  It just sucks...sometimes when it kicks me out, it doesn't let me back in...the screen goes black and the thing locks.

    And one more thing that's very curious: rarely, all of X will lock up...but I still have the mouse and TV.  The TV's DMA; it'll run all day.  But the mouse works just fine.  I can't CLICK on anything, but I can move it.  The keyboard's locked, can't change to a virtual terminal....and I have to reset.

    This is my third or fourth Linux-only machine in a long attempt to reach the kind of framerates my friends get with just crappy 'bought it on ebay' models. And it's the only machine I've had any problems with, other than one that, it turns out, had a bad/dirty PCI slot.

    So normally, it's never a problem. The machine out in my trailer ( see http://www.CounterMoon.com) has been up for 61 days...the day I installed it.  This stuff's solid...but no amount of software can deal with flaky hardware.


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