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Janina Sajka janina@rednote.net
Thu Dec 5 19:14:01 2002

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano writes:
> Fr> Alsa itself compiles fine. I'll try to explain. A file in /boot gets
> generated at boot time that describes the type of kernel that is running
> (/boot/kernel.h). That file is referenced from somewhere in the kernel
> include files (I forget the exact location). If that file does not
> correspond to the currently running kernel (for example the architecture
> is wrong) then the wrong versioned symbols are referenced by the alsa
> compile process and the resulting binary rpms do not work with the
> kernel (because the versioning of the symbols is wrong). 
> /sbin/mkkerneldoth (part of the initscripts rpm, runs as part of
> /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit) assumes a certain format for the kernel name
> (either kernel or kernel-smp or kernel-enterprise). My uniprocessor
> kernel is named kernel-up (long story of why). Because of that, at boot
> time the architecture of the kernel in /etc/kernel.h is always I686 even
> if I boot a I386 kernel. So the generated alsa kernel modules do not
> load... Of course if you boot into a i686 kernel then everything is fine
> :-
Isn't the proper way to avoid this a matter of doing the naming by
specifying the "Extra Version" field in the kernel Makefile before

> I should patch initscripts to recognize kernel-up as a valid kernel name
> but for now I just hand tweaked /boot/kernel.h so that I could rebuild
> alsa for the i386 architecture. 
> -- Fernando
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