[CM] Getting snd to work with conjure/neovim

Kenneth Flak kennethflak at protonmail.com
Tue Jun 13 09:14:20 PDT 2023

I suppose I need to get the prompt right in order for this to work. Doing something like 

cat test.scm | snd swarm_norm.wav

where test.scm consists of 

(scale-channel 2.0)

works as expected. So if I could only get conjure to send the correct prompt, then everything should be fine, I suppose? Looking at the s7 documentation it seems as though the prompt might be "\n> ", so I tried setting 

vim.g['conjure#client#scheme#stdio#prompt_pattern'] = "\n> "

Which had precizely zero effect...


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On 13 Jun 2023  10:12, Kenneth Flak wrote:
>Hi Christos,
>Well spotted!
>Unfortunately correcting the error still doesn't result in anything showing up in the snd listener when I evaluate an expression in the .scm buffer. Of course, it's very possible that something's being sent, I just don't see the result? Or should the listener always mirror whatever input is received through stdin?
>Roosna & Flak - Contemporary Dance & Music
>Web: roosnaflak.com
>Code: {github,gitlab}.com/kflak
>Mastodon: @kf at sonomu.club
>On 13 Jun 2023  11:40, Christos Vagias wrote:
>>There's a typo in "stdio" in the prompt pattern line. The docs AFAIU say that
>>conjure will wait for the configured regexp till it can send more commands, so
>>a misconfiguration there could explain the hanging/not sending commands
>>On Tue, 13 Jun 2023, 08:00 Kenneth Flak, <kennethflak at protonmail.com> wrote:
>>    Hi,
>>    I am trying to get the neovim plugin conjure (https://github.com/Olical/
>>    conjure/wiki/Quick-start:-Scheme-(stdio)) to talk to snd. So far I am
>>    succesfully opening snd whenever I open a .scm file, but I can't get the
>>    communication going between the two. Has anybody tried anything similar, or
>>    do you spot something in this that would make it possible? As far as I
>>    understand snd listens to stdin, so it _should_ be doable... At the moment
>>    I am running these lua commands on startup:
>>    vim.g['conjure#client#scheme#stdio#command'] = "snd"
>>    vim.g['conjure#client#scheme#stiod#prompt_pattern'] = "> $?"
>>    Any help is much appreciated!
>>    Best,
>>    Kenneth
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