[CM] Question for writing tutorials about S7 environments

Orm Finnendahl orm.finnendahl at selma.hfmdk-frankfurt.de
Fri Jan 15 00:46:32 PST 2021

Am Donnerstag, den 14. Januar 2021 um 06:14:31 Uhr (-0800) schrieb
bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU:
> Both Common Lisp and Scheme have rudimentary support for
> environments.  I believe r5rs scheme had null-environment and
> scheme-report-environment (the top-level?), but they are immutable.
> CL had augment-environment (or was this ACL?).

It's part of the CL standard:


I guess in CL for most cases you'd rather use the package machinery as
it allows for a lot of fine-tuning and context switches are as easy as
a single 'in-package statement (keeping symbols and vals fully cross
referentiable across packages):



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