[CM] snd-19.9

Matti Koskinen squarewave at elisanet.fi
Wed Nov 27 15:12:12 PST 2019

Hi all,

I installed snd-19.9 and on  the gtk-vesrson, s7 REPL  cursor goes only 
to the beginning of the line and the end of line, so editing  the line 
is not possible

On the other hand, motif-version works ok, cursor moves with the 
arrow-keys correctly.

And another thing

I cloned Davifd O'Tooles SoundMosaic, but to get somewhere and run some 
examples  (it looks quite complicated), there  are no cello-xxx.cell or 
others mentioned in the docs, But using snd-19.9 and whatever emacs 
Ubuntu 18.04 Linux has, there have not been any quirks so far.

And thanks Blll for snd (reminds me of the good old times) and David for 
such a program.The sound example is very interesting. and I can imagine 
many uses of SoundMosaic right now.

It's been very warm November here, the roses have started to blossom 
again, and probably a scheme/lisp-mosquito has  bitten me too :-)


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