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David O'Toole deeteeoh1138 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 27 16:06:14 PST 2019

Hi Matti,

The cello files are in Gitlab: https://gitlab.com/dto/violin.mosaic  and
the other test session is in https://gitlab.com/dto/test.mosaic , I am
putting up another one soon. I also recently made a video tutorial:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tl-Ccvntxqo showing how to use the system.
There is an installation guide for Linux and Windows at

I'm working on Freesound.org integration for various improvisational fun
tasks, and I have a professional designer friend working on a set of about
fifteen custom icons. These will be combined with Unicode icons to create a
quite nice user interface. All in good time! Please join the IRC channel
#xelf on freenode, or email me if you have questions about SchemeMosaic.

On Wed, Nov 27, 2019 at 6:12 PM Matti Koskinen <squarewave at elisanet.fi>

> Hi all,
> I installed snd-19.9 and on  the gtk-vesrson, s7 REPL  cursor goes only to
> the beginning of the line and the end of line, so editing  the line is not
> possible
> On the other hand, motif-version works ok, cursor moves with the
> arrow-keys correctly.
> And another thing
> I cloned Davifd O'Tooles SoundMosaic, but to get somewhere and run some
> examples  (it looks quite complicated), there  are no cello-xxx.cell or
> others mentioned in the docs, But using snd-19.9 and whatever emacs Ubuntu
> 18.04 Linux has, there have not been any quirks so far.
> And thanks Blll for  snd (reminds me of the good old times) and David for
> such a program.The sound example is very interesting. and I can imagine
> many uses of SoundMosaic right now.
> It's been very warm November here, the roses have started to blossom
> again, and probably a scheme/lisp-mosquito has  bitten me too :-)
> -m
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