[CM] cm2/cm.asd -> ASDF-3 ?

Juan Reyes juanig at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Mar 29 13:26:42 PDT 2016

Hi Anders,

Am I reading well between the lines or are your trying to get cm2
working again on a current sbcl?.

I recall last year you guys did some experimenting on patterns.scm [1].
Is this still working?.

I don't want to sound too optimistic but bringing back cm2 -even if only
works with midinotes-, would really be a plus.

  -- Juan

[1] https://www.mail-archive.com/cmdist@ccrma.stanford.edu/msg04537.html

> The aim is getting the scm->lisp conversion done transparently within
> this make system, something the current cm2/cm2.asd does fine if allowed
> to load the (old) src/asdf.lisp included in the sources, but this again
> clobbers any recent asdf-3 already in the heap.
> If nothing comes up i'll set up a simple load-cm.lisp for the basics,
> and check it with sbcl and lw.
> -anders

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