[CM] Common Music 2 and PWGL

Juan Reyes juanig at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Apr 4 11:37:32 PDT 2016

Hi Torsten,

In regards to PWGL. Maybe I am wrong, but for what I can tell your
example requires PWGL on a Lisp system on OSX or windoze. Has anyone
tried it on Linux and SBCL?.

For a while I've been willing to try constrained based composition on
CM or a package other than Open Music. I am not hundred percent in
favor of the 'black-box-connect paradigm'.

Now that you mention direct Lisp code hacking, it sounds appealing
to try several constrained based examples from PWGL or Op. Music adapted
to cm2 or even plain CL or Scheme.

-Better said-, could we use some of PWGL functionality inside CM perhaps
on Linux and SBCL?.

Am I too optimistic or could this be accomplished in some way?.

Btw, there is a good introduction to Constrained Based Programming and
Music by Torsten himself on [1].



[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_2SFwXNU68

> What is most interesting from a PWGL perspective, however, is that 
> all CM patters are available (though only for direct Lisp code 
> hacking, no boxes, at least yet). It could be interesting to use 
> these in other PWGL patches to generate musical data for whatever 
> purpose.

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