[CM] clm & ATS

Matti Koskinen mjkoskin at kolumbus.fi
Sun Apr 3 17:12:08 PDT 2016

dear all,

I asked ‘bout spectral processing earlier. and as I’ve used ATS with csound, Mpw I’m struggling with the clm-ATSA -lisp version. No problem building clm-5 or clm-4 with Clozure (I like the ide). sbcl works also fine, but the readline in clisp should be on sbcl, or Clozure, too.

Whatever I’ve changed in ATS not to use acl, every time I get error of EXCL, which is an  acl package. It’s been so long, since I’ve coded more than (+ 1 1) in   lisp actually , so any help would be more than welcome. 

Sorry of typos and foolishness, but my sciatics made me visit a doctor yesterday  and a nurse injected my first ever opioid injection, which I very reluctantly accepted to get rid of the dreadful pain. Double-vision now makes me look text with one eye only. 



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