[CM] Several questions

Philippe de Rochambeau phiroc at free.fr
Mon May 26 23:07:41 PDT 2014


I have several questions regarding CM/Grace:

- when should you used SAL and when should you use Scheme? Although SAL seems to be the official CM programming language,
most examples are in Scheme. I personally prefer C-like languages, but it is sometimes difficult to convert Scheme to SAL and vice-versa.

- what’s the equivalent of 'with-sound' in SAL? 'with-sound() do stochastic(0, 1, 440, .1)’, for example? I have tried the latter command,
but it silently returns an empty list.

- is there a way to display the snd editor in Grace, other than using the with-sound command?

- is there a sndlib tutorial, [other than the manual (https://ccrma.stanford.edu/software/snd/snd/sndscm.html#withsound) which is not too newbie-friendly]?

- is there a way to set the Grace Working Directory once and for all? Grace for Mac keeps forgetting that directory. I have noticed a menu item
to set the Init File, but what should you put in that file?

- why were objects abandoned in CM3?

Many thanks.


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