[CM] grace with fomus on linux

Heinrich Taube taube at illinois.edu
Fri May 23 09:39:28 PDT 2014

Hi johannes! i doubt it has to do with the premake, if the sources were not found then premake would have given you an error

Have your student do this

premake4 cleanall
premake4 … --with-fomus="whatever"
make verbose=1

then look at the compiler messages to make sure theta the fomus support is being compiled and that the program links to it. it might be that there is a problem loading the fomus library itself, which would also mean that "FOMUS…" would not be displayed at startup.

On May 22, 2014, at 1:51 AM, Johannes Quint <johannes.quint at web.de> wrote:

> rick,
> a student of mine is working on a project trying to reconstruct debussys style in cm-patches.
> now he has problems with fomus. he is on linux (ubuntu14) and i've no experiences with it, maybe you can help...
> he can use fomus from terminal AND he was able to compile cm/grace including "---with fomus".
> but after (sprout .... "ly/fomus.ly"), he gets:
> >>> Error: don't know how to open "ly/fomus.ly"
> open-file: (error "don't know how to open ~S" ... ; str: "ly/fomus.ly"
> open-file: ((ffi_sched_set_score_mode mode) mode) ; mode: 0
> sprout: ((if *sprout-hook* (*sprout-hook* file... ; file: "ly/fomus.ly"
>                                                    ; start: 0, id: 0
>                                                    ; startBeat: 0
> grace doesn't display "FOMUS ..." after launching, so he supposes that there is a something wrong on the premake-script.
> i attach it - maybe usefull.
> thanks for help!
> johannes
> <premake4.lua>

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