[CM] grace with fomus on linux

Johannes Quint johannes.quint at web.de
Wed May 21 23:51:26 PDT 2014

a student of mine is working on a project trying to reconstruct debussys style in cm-patches.
now he has problems with fomus. he is on linux (ubuntu14) and i've no experiences with it, maybe you can help...
he can use fomus from terminal AND he was able to compile cm/grace including "---with fomus".

but after (sprout .... "ly/fomus.ly"), he gets:

>>> Error: don't know how to open "ly/fomus.ly"
open-file: (error "don't know how to open ~S" ... ; str: "ly/fomus.ly"
open-file: ((ffi_sched_set_score_mode mode) mode) ; mode: 0
sprout: ((if *sprout-hook* (*sprout-hook* file... ; file: "ly/fomus.ly"
                                                   ; start: 0, id: 0
                                                   ; startBeat: 0

grace doesn't display "FOMUS ..." after launching, so he supposes that there is a something wrong on the premake-script.
i attach it - maybe usefull.
thanks for help!


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