[CM] linux-port of OpenMusic

anders.vinjar at bek.no anders.vinjar at bek.no
Tue Oct 29 09:48:40 PDT 2013

Hi Dave, thanks for reports and feedback!

    D> Any chance we'll get the OM2Csound library ? (I had to ask. :)

If its not part of the included libs its download-able from IRCAM

After unzipping the lib, you can add it as an 'external' lib
(Windows->Library, and from the file-menu choose "Add remote user
library").  Or install it as a default lib in your OM (you'll find
how-tos in the docs).

There shouldnt be any real issues - lisp being lisp - afaik the
csound-thing does its work running an external csound-command in a
shell.  But please tell me what you find.

Just checked, the library loads ok at least.  The version you download
has a typo in one file-name, after unzipping, rename "OM2Csound.lisp" ->
"OM2CSound.lisp" (same as part of folder-name).

    D> Lots of xruns with JACK on my desktop box, not so many on the laptop. 
    D> The desktop has an M-Audio Delta 66, the laptop uses its built-in 
    D> hda_intel chipset. I need to play with settings, I'm sure.

    D> Graphics updates are sometimes slow, especially with some click & drag 
    D> moves. Both systems here have nVidia GPUs.

Well, OM is a composition tool, and a quite graphic-intense thing.
Depending on what you do, your cpu, multiprocessing etc, performance
will vary quite much.  If you observe some patterns in the behavior
please tell me.

Amongst the cool things is the callbacks for the jack-client (both audio
and midi) is programmed directly in lisp, and dynamically changeable on
the fly.  This could make a great tool for playing with various ways of
esp. event-handling.

Btw. ive setup the lisp-based jack-client to be independent of OM, and
it could be useful by itself.

    D> I know I have enough to get into with OM, but I'm curious: Is
    D> PWGL for Linux on anyone's roadmap ?

No idea.  Afaik the pwgl-sources arent gpl or similar, and dont seem to
be available from the devs.

    D> Great work, Anders !

Thanks.  Please continue sending issues, questions, especially
bug-reports etc.  I guess there will be new builds out on the server
quite often, as bugs pop up (and i get some time to fix them).

IRCAM have asked me to come to the forum-workshop on nov. 20th to
present the linux-port, and aim is to have a stable release by then.



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