[CM] linux-port of OpenMusic

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Tue Oct 29 07:23:20 PDT 2013


Okay, here are some random impressions.

It's amazing. All props to the makers of former Linux versions of OM, 
but this version is already far ahead of previous work. AFAICT, in the 
little tests I've done so far, this port is usable and relatively 
stable. I tested some of the Tutorial patches, had some crashes 
(graphics issues, IIRC), I'll send details later.

Any chance we'll get the OM2Csound library ? (I had to ask. :)

Lots of xruns with JACK on my desktop box, not so many on the laptop. 
The desktop has an M-Audio Delta 66, the laptop uses its built-in 
hda_intel chipset. I need to play with settings, I'm sure.

Graphics updates are sometimes slow, especially with some click & drag 
moves. Both systems here have nVidia GPUs.

I know I have enough to get into with OM, but I'm curious: Is PWGL for 
Linux on anyone's roadmap ?

I had only a little time to work with the IRCAM docs and the port, I'll 
get some more time into it today. Busy week here.

Great work, Anders !



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