[CM] linux-port of OpenMusic

anders.vinjar at bek.no anders.vinjar at bek.no
Tue Oct 29 10:06:36 PDT 2013

    D> Any chance we'll get the OM2Csound library ? (I had to ask. :)

btw, one of the things id really like to do is finding good ways to use
CLM/Sndlib and CM together with this package.

CM loads fine just using the normal incantations.

CLM/sndlib needs some adjustments to the ffi-code to use CFFI
(preferably, or else lispworks FLI) to get up to speed, but there are
already about a dozen variants of the same ffi-code in sndlib2clm.lisp
already, so this should be possible (im sure Bill S., if he reads this,
gets a strange smile on his face now...)


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