[CM] slippery chicken release

Heinrich Taube taube at illinois.edu
Sat May 26 11:38:59 PDT 2012

On May 26, 2012, at 5:02 AM, Michael Edwards wrote:

>  I remain
> sceptical myself however--I just find programming directly, in a text
> editor, to be the most effective and efficient way of working.  I
> realise that I'm in the minority there though.

a minority for sure, but this is not a bad thing. actually, i was at mcgill last year; i showed stuff in sal (text), every other presentation was open music or pwgl. but some in the audience were neither, when i 'apologized' for showing the algorithms in text several opined that it was much easier to comprehend than the gui patches!

> Having worked on SC in CLOS
> since 2000 it wouldn't be a simple thing to port it.  I haven't looked
> into CLOS->Scheme in any detail but when I did a while ago it didn't
> seem trivial.  Rick did it though (and Bill too from Common Lisp at
> least, I assu

bill has tinyclos running in s7; its on my todo list this summer to see if i can't just boot the cm2 api in cm3/s7 using that.  it should be possible since the cm2 CLOS code was actually auto-generated from cm2 scheme sources  that used the "native" object systems  in gauche, stklos, chicken scheme, all of which came from tinyclos.

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