[CM] comment semicolon bug?

Michael Winkler michael.winkler at balcab.ch
Mon May 21 02:41:01 PDT 2012

Dear Mister Taube
Dear List

CM 3.8.0, Scheme (and earlier, I think): It seems to me that a just a 
single semicolon in a bunch of variable definitions occurs an error so 
one can't place comments. A bug?

test, remove the semicolon at "define m67", test again:

(define m72 '(ef3 ef3 ef3 f3 e3 f3 cs3 cs3 d3 cs4 d3 d3))
(define r72 '(e e e e  e e e e  s s s s ))
(define m71 '(c4 c4 c4 c4 c4 c4 c4 c5))
(define r71 '(s e e e e e s e+e))
(define m70 '(g3 c3 c3 g3  f3 d3 f3 ef3  d3 d3 bf3 ef3))
(define r70 '(s s s s  s s s s  e e e e))
(define m69 '(af4 f4 af3 ef4  f4 c5 cs4 f4))
(define r69 '(s s e s  q e. e. e))
(define m68 '(f4 cs4 f4 cs4 f4 ef4 ef4 ef4 ef4))
(define r68 '(e s e s e  e e e e))
(define m67 '(f4 fs3 d3 cs4 b3 e4 d3));
(define r67 '(e s s s s s s ))
(define m66 '(c4 fs4 c4 ef4 fs4))
(define r66 '(e e e. s e+e))

Michael Winkler

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