[CM] Typing Foreign Letters in CMN Text

Bill Schottstaedt bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed May 9 08:58:54 PDT 2012

The \\ddd business turns into \ddd in the postscript output, and
represents an octal index into the font, so \\374 is character 252
of the font.  If I type

(format #f "~C" (integer->char 252))

in the Snd listener, it displays a u-umlaut, using the "9x15" font,
apparently.  You can change the font via

(set! (listener-font) ...) 

where the ... depends on whether you're using Motif or Gtk.
I haven't googled for it, but I would be surprised if the font
encoding charts were not on-line somewhere.

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