[CM] Typing Foreign Letters in CMN Text

JEFFREY ZIMMER hieronymous.christian.uhrmacher at verizon.net
Tue May 8 18:15:31 PDT 2012

My question pertains to CMN -

Among the sample .cmn files I received with my CMN download is one  
called mir.cmn.  This example spells the German word gluck (with an  
umlaut on the u) as "gl\\374ck"  I have not been successful in  
figuring how to use this kind of numeric font encoding on my Mac G5  
(OSX 10.5.8) using the fonts on the machine, although "Times-Roman"  
and "Times-Italic" do work just fine as the font-name keywords in  
CMN.  I would like to include accents and umlauts in the Times font  
like in mir.cmn.  Is there a way to exploit the full font set on a Mac  
with numeric codes?  Has anybody done this?


Jeff Zimmer

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