[CM] Question on bracket function

JEFFREY ZIMMER hieronymous.christian.uhrmacher at verizon.net
Sat Mar 10 07:15:16 PST 2012

My question pertains to CMN.

I would like to move the brackets that appear when one uses triplet  
quarters.  (Some of my triplet groups include quarter and half rests.)

I thought I would need to do something like this to shift the bracket  
location vertically, but it does not work:

	(rest (rq 2/3) (dx 0) (dy 0) (bracket '(0 .5 0 0 0 0)))     (chord  
(notes c5 e5 ) tq (dx 0))      (chord (notes d5 f5 ) tq (dx 0))

CMN message:

	odd argument to bracket: (0 0.5 0 0 0 0):

Upon carriage return, CMN continues and produces an .eps file without  
the change, but the terminal prompt does not return without Ctrl-C.

(I have been working with a version of CMN that I downloaded to my  
PowerPC Mac G5 in 2005.  It operates under CLISP from Source Forge,  
which I obtained at the same time.)

Thanks much for any help.

P.S. - Is there a way to search the on-line mail archive for such  

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