[CM] harp glissando, octave-up

René Bastian rbastian at free.fr
Wed Apr 25 11:54:42 PDT 2012

Hi Bill,

I try to write a harp glissando (it's not easy :)
     quarter-rest eighth-rest  
     (c6 32nd (begin-octave-up)) (bf5 32nd) (af5 32nd) (fs5 32nd)
     (e5 q (begin-glissando) begin-tremolo) 
     ; 006
     (bass (end-octave-up))
     (c3 q end-glissando end-tremolo) 
       quarter-rest quarter-rest 
     ; 007
- the octave transposition sign is too close to the note heads
( (begin-octave-up) does not accept  (dy ...))
- the harp glissando is not the classical notation

What's is your solution?

René Bastian

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