[CM] Windows CM 3.8.0: Plugin graphs do not load correctly

Heinrich Taube taube at illinois.edu
Wed Apr 25 06:21:53 PDT 2012

welcome to the wonderful world of software installation.
if you get it working please send me the steps so no one else has to  
go through what you are doing.

i dont understand why you need to set the define by hand. in my  
premake.lua i have:

    if vst then
       add(juce_config, "JUCE_PLUGINHOST_VST=1")
       add(juce_library.includepaths, vst)

so that the vs2008 project file that builds cm should already have  
that  in it.

On Apr 25, 2012, at 7:53 AM, Pietari Seppänen wrote:

> This was a puzzle for someone who has never coded in C/C++ and never  
> installed VS2008 Express, etc. Then I had to go to Steinberg's site  
> and fight my way through it until I could download VST SDK 2.4. Then  
> I had to add the directory I extracted that to VS2008's include  
> directories. That still didn't do it for CM even when I changed the  
> VST setting in juce_amalgamated to 1, but I could build the Plugin  
> Host fine. I added these two lines to juce_amalgamated.h:
> /*** End of inlined file: juce_Config.h ***/
> It was a hunch. I know nothing of C++, so I can't guess why, but  
> that finally allowed me to build CM with VST support. I'll let you  
> know later if I find I broke something.
> Regards,
> Pietari Seppänen
> On 25.4.2012 15:20, Heinrich Taube wrote:
>> the cm/readme.text will tell you how to do the basic build on  
>> windows, you need to download  sources for sndlib and build that  
>> first
>> for cm you need premake (3) installed,  and then open the windows  
>> terminal and type someting like
>> premake --target vs2008 --vst /path/to/vststuff --sndlib /path/to/ 
>> sndlib
>> it will look for
>> /path/to/vststuff/pluginterfaces/vst2.x/aeffect.h
>> where /path/to  is of course replaced by the correct directory on  
>> your machine. avoid spaces in your directory path or you invite  
>> trouble, i would put everthing in a top level director like
>> /software/sndlib
>> /software/cm
>> ive never tried to build plugin on windows so i expect you will  
>> encounter some issues to solve. but if your vst makes a toot in  
>> pluginhost then thats a good sign, cm isnt really doing anything  
>> other than what plugin host does.
>>> Well there is the problem! I did not see any warning that this  
>>> would be the case. I will have to figure out how to compile the  
>>> source. Thanks!
>>> Regards,
>>> Pietari Seppänen
>>> On 25.4.2012 13:55, Heinrich Taube wrote:
>>>> also im assuming you build Cm from its source on windows,  
>>>> otherwise  plugin support will not be available at all since vst  
>>>> support is licenced
>>>> On Apr 25, 2012, at 4:17 AM, Pietari Seppänen wrote:
>>>>> Hello! I'm not an expert with CM and this is my first encounter  
>>>>> with
>>>>> VSTs, so please bear with me. I do not believe I did anything  
>>>>> wrong, but
>>>>> correct me if I did. I used the JUCE Plugin Host to make a graph  
>>>>> with a
>>>>> MIDI input, a VST plugin and an audio output. It works perfectly  
>>>>> in the
>>>>> plugin host. Image: http://www.student.oulu.fi/~seppanep/juce.jpg
>>>>> <http://www.student.oulu.fi/%7Eseppanep/juce.jpg>
>>>>> Unfortunately, when I load it in CM I get the following message:
>>>>> Plugin Graph 'test(2)' (2 nodes, 0 connections)
>>>>> Nodes:
>>>>> Midi Input
>>>>> Audio Output
>>>>> Connections:
>>>>> Obviously something is missing here and I get no sound. The Plugin
>>>>> Graphs -> Plugins menu shows those two nodes greyed out with  
>>>>> "(no editor)".
>>>>> It's a great shame because I have been hoping to use synthesis  
>>>>> to make
>>>>> the output sound a bit more interesting, but the built-in  
>>>>> systems are
>>>>> way over my head.
>>>>> Regards,
>>>>> Pietari Seppänen
>>>>> PS: I sent Heinrich Taube a direct email about this first. I  
>>>>> believe I
>>>>> neglected to mention I was using Windows. Heinrich, if you  
>>>>> replied to
>>>>> that I didn't receive it because of an email server change that  
>>>>> took
>>>>> place yesterday.
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