[CM] cm 3.8.0 released

Heinrich Taube taube at illinois.edu
Sat Apr 21 07:11:51 PDT 2012

ive released cm 3.8.0 on sourceforge. the main additions are  
metronomes and other support for live coding,  audio plugin loading,  
new plot window (90% done) new audio player window (905 done)

CM 3.8.0

o Enhancement: The real-time scheduler now uses metronomes and is beat
   based. See the new Metronomes section in the dictionary and the new
   Help>Examples>Metronomes example for more information. Metronomes
   were designed and implemented by Halim Beere (halimbeere at gmail.com)

o Enhancement: sprout now supports "live coding" much better. When you
   sprout a processes together with an id the scheduler now replaces
   any currently running process with the same id with the newly
   sprouted version but without altering the next run time in the
   scheduler. This allows you to "redefine" processes on the fly. See
   the updated sprout documentation and the new Help>Examples>Live
   Coding example for more information. (Halim Beere)

o Enhancement: Real-time audio generation using audio plugins (AU,
   VST, ASIO). Type COMMAND-P to load any plugin graph ("*.filtgraph")
   that you created and saved in JUCE's "Plugin Host" app. See Audio
   Plugins for more information.

o Enhancement: Audio file Player window has be
   remimplemented. Multiple players can now be open and playing at the
   same time, and each player provides a sampling rate slider for
   controling sampling rate during playback.

o Enhancement: It is now possible to close any open MIDI input or
   output port by reselecting it in the device menu.

o Enhancement: Plot window reimplemented. Window now includes a tabbed
   editor and real-time audio playback for any plot. See the updated
   Lisp and Sal plotting examples in the Help>Examples menu.

o Enhancement: SDIF file importing using Ircam's SDIF library. See
   sdif-import and sdif-import-spectra for more information.

o Enhancement: new Audio>Play Midi File... window plays midifiles the
   the selected output port. Audio>Play Midi File...

o Enhancement: new function qsort! performs in line (destructive)
   sorting of lists and vectors. (The standard sort! function that is
   provided by s7 does destructive sorting of arrays but copies lists.)

o Enhancement: The Open File... dialog now defaults to the directory
   of the window's current file, or the working directory if the window
   has no file.

o Enhancement: new functions random-series, list-intersection,
   list-union, list-difference and remove-duplicates.

o Enhancement: new function golden returns the golden mean or inverse
   golden mean of two numbers.

o Enhancement: new function fibonacci returns the nth number in the
   fibonacci series.

o Enhancement: new function mod allows a number or lists of numbers to
   be specified.

o Enhancement: new function minimum allows numbers or a list of
   numbers to be specified.

o Enhancement: new function maximum allows numbers or a list of
   numbers to be specified.

o Enhancement: Upgraded to S7 1.105 (6-Feb-12) and latest versions of
   clm instruments in sndlib.

o Enhancement: Upgraded to Juce 1.54.27

o Change: function import-spear-frames has been renamed

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