[CM] yet another call/cc example??

Bill Schottstaedt bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Apr 17 09:39:55 PDT 2012

(let ((what's-for-breakfast ())
      (bad-dog 'fido))        ; bad-dog wonders what's for breakfast?
  (with-baffle                ; the syntax is (with-baffle . body)         
   (set! what's-for-breakfast
	  (lambda (biscuit?)
	    (set! bad-dog biscuit?) ; bad-dog smells a biscuit!
	    (biscuit? 'biscuit!)))))
  (if (eq? what's-for-breakfast 'biscuit!) 
      (bad-dog 'biscuit!))     ; now, outside the baffled block, bad-dog wants that biscuit!
  what's-for-breakfast)        ;   but s7 says "No!": baffled! ("continuation can't jump into with-baffle")

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