[CM] how to create a plugin graph in Plugin Host

Heinrich Taube taube at illinois.edu
Sun Nov 27 04:22:26 PST 2011

Here is how to design and save plugin graphs in JUCE's Audi Plugin  
Host. Its a terrific little app and the gui is very easy to use.

1. Start the "Plugin Host" app

2. Press Command-P (or select "Edit the list of available plugins..."  
from the Options menu). This will open the "Available Plugins" window.

3. Click on the Options... button at the bottom of that window and  
select "Scan for new or updated Audio Unit Plugins..." from the  menu  
that pop up.  This will search your plugin paths to gather all the  
plugins it can find. You only have to do this once, or whenever you  
add new plugins.

4. Add whatever plugins you want  to the main graph editor window by  
selecting them from  the Plugins>Create Plugin>submenus.

6. Drag inputs to outputs to establish audio and midi connections  
between nodes.

7. Use the editor's keyboard pane at the bottom of the window to test  
your graph out

8. save the graph to a file (*.filtergraph)  and quit the app (this'll  
release the plugins)

9. load that graph into Grace and use it!


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