[CM] problems connecting to documentation via Grace.

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Mon Nov 8 14:01:12 PST 2010

hi juan -- no it should work, i just gave the example on my machine.   
Grace uses a juce call to return the directory in which it will unpack  
its documentation in so it does not depend on english pathnames.

however the browser location is a problem -- on windows there is no  
way that i can find to launch a browser with a local url (eg  
so i had to use a stupid test to get anything to work.
(on osx i just use 'open ...'). on linux i cant remember , maybe i  
just look in /usr/local/bin and /usr/bin for firefox.

On Nov 8, 2010, at 3:05 PM, Juan Reyes wrote:

> Hi Rick,
> I am pretty much sure that this problem arises trying to install Grace
> on windoze Spanish version.
> Of course, directory names are different on the Spanish version.
> If this is the case, my suggestion would be to create a directory tree
> in English that Grace is able to find. May be use Symlinks, so that
> there are not two versions of the same program.
>  --* Juan
> On Mon, 2010-11-08 at 14:11 -0600, Heinrich Taube wrote:
>> its telling you what the problem is, it cant find a browser on  
>> windows
>> to use.
>> but the documentation is probably there, look in :
>> 	\Documents and Setting\JOSE QUEVEDO\Application Data\Grace\3.7.0\
>> or someting like that. you can use whatever browser you want. or else
>> get it on the web
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