[CM] getting clm-4 to run on mac osx 10.6.4

Daniel DeClue ruben.simon12 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 13:51:39 PDT 2010


I'm trying to get clm-4 to run on my mac. I have sbcl 10.0.29 installed, and
when I try to load the all.lisp file to get clm-4 running in my terminal I
get this error

Error opening shared object "/Applications/clm-4/libclm.so":dlopen(3)

I have no idea what this means. both my clm-4 and my sbcl files are in my
Applications folder.

The commands I use to try to get clm working are:

cd /Applications
cd sbcl*
sh run-sbcl.sh
(load "../clm-4/all.lisp")

I am completely new to clm, lisp, terminal, and computer programming
altogether, any help would be appreciated.


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