[CM] CM/Grace 3.6 + Fomus Confusion

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Sat Jul 31 06:51:49 PDT 2010

yes, fomus is really a C++ library now. it does have a Terminal  
command (/usr/bin/fomus --help) and an input file format so you can  
write scores in a text editor but it also lets you link to its library  
which is what Grace does.  inside grace you can work with it severl ways
1.  sprout processes that write .ly files, eg  sprout( myproc(1,2),  
"test.ly", settings: {...} )
2 use 'file' and 'loop' to write a a .ly file synchronously eg  file  
"test.ly"   () loop ... end  loop ... end  ... end
3 open/ close scores and add parts and notes to fomus scores  
interactively (see fomus>menu)

On Jul 31, 2010, at 8:25 AM, Bret Battey wrote:

> OK, things are making much more sense to me now. I was confused in  
> part due to the fact that I'm familiar with the older LISP FOMUS --  
> and that's what I had already installed on my machine -- and wasn't  
> aware of the new C/C++ alpha version.
> So, I downloaded the new C/C++ version of FOMUS from Sourceforge and  
> installed with a double-click, and *presto*, Grace now adds the  
> FOMUS items to its menus appropriately. Couldn't be easier! Very  
> slick.
> And I see that the new FOMUS has a new syntax, which looks very  
> straightforward.
> [Since the older LISP FOMUS is still out there on the net, might be  
> best to explicitly clarify the distinction and point to the newer  
> version in the Grace/CM documentation.]
> Thanks much,
> -=Bret
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